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Shake Smart is located on college campuses all across the United States, including the University of Oregon, University of Arizona, University of Florida, University of Utah, University of Texas, and many more! We pride ourselves in creating a fun, energetic, and active work environment that encourages team members to take entrepreneurial initiative, and also provide opportunities for growth and promotion within the company. To learn more about Shake Smart visit www.shakesmart.com!

​​​​​​​If application link is not working, submit your resume to hiring@shakesmart.com

Open Positions

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Last Updated : October 13th, 2023
If application link is not working, submit your resume to hiring@shakesmart.com
  • Tulane
  • UT Arlington 
  • SMU 
Things are quickly changing at Shake Smart, so if the location you wish to apply to is not currently hiring, we encourage you to still submit an application. Your application will be kept on file and you will be contacted when we are hiring next! 

If you have any questions regarding your application please email hiring@shakesmart.com. 


shake smart team member 
Don't take our word for it, hear it from our team!


"I love working for Shake Smart because we are a family. We are all passionate about our jobs and our company.​​​ Go Shake Smart!​​" ​
Ceighlee Fennel 
SDSU Team Member 

“I love working at Shake Smart because it feels like staff comes before anything. When you have a system like that in place, coming to work feels more like a family gathering than anything. I get to work with my friends, which is pretty awesome!”
Landin Fillipini
AZ State Team Member



empower entrepreneurial initiatives 

"Shake Smart cultivates a working environment that makes you invested in your team and your work. It gives me confidence in my leadership abilities!"

Marina Paulson 
UT Austin Shift Leader 

"Shake Smart has been my first job and I have learned so much about nutrition, staying healthy, getting along with people who are different from me, and being a role model for our new employees. I can’t wait to see what Shake Smart has to hold for the future!" 
Abby Steward 
U of A Shift Leader


fun and active

"Working at a place like Shake Smart is super fun because I love the people that I work with and it’s always a good time on shift!"
 Krissian Hargreaves 
AZ State Team Member

"I always feel like I’m prepared to help every customer find something they’ll love, and it’s the best feeling to see a smile break out after their first sip! Shake Smart  truly cares about making every experience a memorable one." ​​​​​​​
Regina Balmaceda 
UT Austin Team Member 

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